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Over 30 Years of Commitment

For more than 30 years, First General Services Lloydminster has been the leading choice of damage restoration services for insurance companies and policyholders during times of crisis and insurance claims.

First General Services’ members honour their commitment to you, our customer, because meeting your expectations and restoring your life promptly and professionally is what matters.

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By choosing a First General Services member, you access the power of an international network of damage restoration experts while experiencing the familiarity and comfort of a trusted neighbour. It is you, our customer, who matters to us.

If you ever experience an unresolved issue with one of our restoration services, you can call the CEO or executive team at our customer experience number 24 hours a day.

Our Services

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Fires can be devastating, and smoke can leave permanent marks. We'll fix that damage for you.

Wind Damage Restoration

Strong winds can cause damage to roofs and make loose objects projectiles. Call us for your roof repairs.

Structural Drying

Flooding can leave it's mark; damp material can allow dangerous mold and mildew to grow.

Vandalism Restoration

Acts of nature can cause damage, as can acts of man. Let us repair any vandalized property.

Water Damage Restoration

Even a few centimeters of water can cause thousands of dollars of damage. We'll take care of your repairs.

Catastrophic Storm Response

We have the tenacity to help you rebuild your home and business after damaging storms.

Vehicle Impact Damage Restoration

Did someone drive their car into your building? We'll fix the hole in your home.

Content Claims Inventory Service

We can assist you in filing an insurance claim to cover your damaged property.

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  • We provide emergency and catastrophic restoration services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us at 780-875-9701 or toll free 866-875-FIRE if you are in need of assistance with your disaster.